Speaking of thugs...

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Tupac is on tour again


Tupac Shakur Hologram Could Go on Tour After Coachella Success -

am I the only one that thinks this is cool, but also creepy?

apparently, it's not a "recording" of an old performance, but images they put together. Right now he can do two songs but they are working on more


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    No I had the exact same thoughts Very cool and interesting, but also slightly spooky!

    Technology is just something else, I tell ya.
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    It's creepy but awesome.
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    I commented on Say it, I dare you a few days ago about how by BFF called me to explain that 2Pac's hologram gave validity to an old Alien conspiracy theory. He's mainly just hysterical, but does love his aliens. Anywho, he called me right after I woke up/before I'd had my first full cup of caffeine and said, "2Pac's hologram brings tidings of world peace". I said, come again? :) He had read (years ago) that some believe the leaders of the world will stage an alien invasion/attack with holograms. This would, in turn, unite the people of the world. Basically, a modern version of the infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast. He went on and on about the advancement in technology and how I had to watch this, so I did. Amazing!! I do love it, but yes it's a little strange (for more reasons than aliens, lol).
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