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3cs using Curly Girl method? I'm new and frustrated!

acarricoacarrico Posts: 60Registered Users
Had my first cut by someone who REALLY understands curly hair (I am 41!!!). She recommends Massey's Curly Girl method and I got some trial Deva products. She said to give her 6 months and she will have me loving my hair. I am trying to grow out a brazilian blowout and am going natural for the first time (I have a mix of 3c and fractured/zig zag curls - I have about three curls types I am working with -- the vast majority of my bb is gone). I HATE the crown because I define it as having "frizz" that very few other people seem to see!!! How long does it take to transition/get hydrated? Anyone else with 3cs, etc using this method? Any words of advice? I don't really care how tight my curls are as long as they are defined. I have baby fine hair and they seem to curl off on their own crazy direction on my crown. Underneath (it's been a week) it is really starting to start having defined ringlets but not so much on top/crown. I keep hoping that with more hydration it will just keep getting better. What do you guys think??? I really want to stay natural!!!! I am also a SERIOUS product junkie --- I just want to slather it on to try to hold down those hairs. Even though I have gotten lots of compliments on my newfound curls. I think I am CRAZY!!!!

I also apologize for not searching more on the board -- but I have small kids and am so desperate for info in the short time I can get on here!!!


  • allnaturalchickallnaturalchick Posts: 201Registered Users
    I do not shampoo anymore and I can tell a difference. After my Cowash I use Shea moisture milk and a little Shea moisture enhancing smoothie. I also seal my ends with coconut oil. All these are all natural products. I'm 8 months on and Lovin it ( I did try going all natural once before and didn't make it past two months ).
  • return2curlyreturn2curly Posts: 34Registered Users
    I'm 3B/C (I think), still growing out a BB. I had a big problem with frizzy dead looking hair on my crown too, and treating it overnight with coconut oil once a week and for about 20 minutes before each cowash (which I do every 3 days) helped rehab that hair so that it no longer looks destroyed.
  • acarricoacarrico Posts: 60Registered Users
    At least I am not alone!! How long before you started noticing changes?? I am not a patient person. I am guessing that two weeks is a bit early, but I am already feeling the pull to go back to more and more product (not quite ready to straighten yet! ha ha). I just need to have faith - I guess - that the crown will eventually behave like the rest. I guess I just worry that it is a different texture up there that is just permanently frizzy! I am still not accepting that I can have "pretty" hair. [BTW, I had someone today tell me that they can not see what I am talking about...so perhaps I am a bit crazy!! ha ha ha) Thanks for the words. I just needed to hear it!
  • kurlyVONNEkurlyVONNE Posts: 42Registered Users
    i've noticed pre-pooing before i co wash w/ curl junkies' daily fix or wash period world.
    recently, i've discovered it and i officially have added it to my regiment.

    Chicoro's(as well as Nike') super awesome moisture drenched prepoo.

    n a bowl I (prefer an applicator bottle, less mess) mix

    • ½ cup of aloe vera juice or whole leaf aloe vera

    • 1-2 tablespoons of your favorite oil (wheat germ, olive, safflower, walnut etc)
    *i used 1tbsp of peppermint oil and 1tbsp of jojoba oil

    In a separate Bowl melt

    • Food grade coconut oil (1/4 cup)
    i poured the mixture in an applicator bottle for easy handling over a rosemary leaf.

    • Sit the bottle or jar in hot water- do not put in microwave or on the stove!
    Remember, everyone's hair has different needs. You may need more or less of this mixture. Or, your hair may not like this at all. None of these will irrevocably change your hair. Thus, you just need to wash out the mixture if your hair doesn't like it.

    1. Using your fingers, separate your hair into 4- 8 sections. If your hair is caked with hard product, rinse your hair first. Gently handle the first section. First, smooth the hair in a downward direction. You are just trying to make sure that all the hair is going in one direction. You don't need to completely detangle the hair at this point.

    2. Dip your hair in the bowl (this is where i used the applicator bottle instead and distributed it with little to no mess) of aloe vera and oil or cup your hands in the mixture and transfer it to the section onto your hair. Work it through. Get the aloe vera/oil mix into your hair from root to tip. Make sure it is moist throughout the sectioned hair. If your hair is long enough, twist it and wrap it around like a bantu knot. If it is not, try to twist it and move it out the way. Repeat until you have done this to each section.

    3. You should have a head full of aloe vera mixed with oil twisted sections. Go back to the first twist you did. Undo it, pour the liquid coconut oil in your hand and work through the section. Re-twist it and repeat on whole head. Place a plastic shower cap on your head for 15-60 minutes. Your moisturizing pre-poo is complete!

    I left mine in overnight and washed in the morning.
    3b/c medium/thick curly hair
    Goal lengths: Mid Back
    CG method since 2010
    CO wash:CJ Daily Fix; Beauticurls Strengthening Cond.
    Rinse out CO:CJ Beauticurls
    Leave-in: still figuring that out.
    Stylers: Hair Rules: kinky curly creme
    Sealers: Moroccan Oil

    stil figuring out my staples
  • acarricoacarrico Posts: 60Registered Users
    So here is my update. 8 weeks in and I am noticing a difference. The key is to stick with it!!!! I am pretty excited. I think I have hit the magic point where my hair is finally feeling hydrated and happy. I am sticking with CG Method and Devacurl! Yeeee haaaaaah:toothy8::toothy8::toothy8:
  • curlykaybahamascurlykaybahamas Posts: 1Registered Users
    hi! i was wondering.......is the curly girl process of wash and style a daily thing? cuz my hair takes forever to dry...i'll be dripping all day everyday lol!
    are you to following the wash process everyday? if not, what is the daily (day to day) routine? HELP!
    ps. i'm only on week one day 3
  • acarricoacarrico Posts: 60Registered Users
    Hey there,
    I shower almost every day because my hair is short and I cannot put it up to sleep at night. I usually wake up looking fairly crazy. As my hair gets longer I don't think I will need to style it every day. In fact, the whole philosophy of CG is "less is more" so that more hydrated your hair, you should be able to get 2, 3, 4 day hair. That is my goal. I got away with it one day. Got up the next morning and just spritzed some water in spots and left the house. (But I am VERY particular about definition...control freak). I do not "wash" everyday with shampoo. I shampoo 1-3 times a week depending on my workouts. I condition every day. And sometimes put conditioner or olive oil on for an overnight. And I do a deep conditioning each weekend (or at least I try). Since I do wet it every day, I diffuse in the morning to help the dry time. Keep the faith - it is worth it!!
  • curlyquetcurlyquet Posts: 3Registered Users
    hi! i was wondering.......is the curly girl process of wash and style a daily thing? cuz my hair takes forever to dry...i'll be dripping all day everyday lol!
    are you to following the wash process everyday? if not, what is the daily (day to day) routine? HELP!
    ps. i'm only on week one day 3

    I have that same problem. I happened across a couple of people (on you tube, I think) who styled their hair when it was damp. I decided to try that (I used a t-shirt). It has been a few hours and I am almost dry and it looks the same as when it is styled on soaking wet hair.
  • mycurlytressesmycurlytresses Posts: 275Registered Users
    hi! i was wondering.......is the curly girl process of wash and style a daily thing? cuz my hair takes forever to dry...i'll be dripping all day everyday lol!
    are you to following the wash process everyday? if not, what is the daily (day to day) routine? HELP!
    ps. i'm only on week one day 3

    You don't have to co-wash everyday if your hair is longer. You can "pineapple" your hair. Natural Hair: My Nighttime Routine -The Pineapple - YouTube

    I co-wash daily because my hair super short (just big chopped) and when I wake up it is smashed to my head. Trying to mist does nothing for my hair. LOL However, I'm noticing that my hair is becoming more moisturized (yay). Been on CG since 07/24/12. I shampoo once a week with Nature's Gate (sulfate free/silicone free).
    3C, CG Method, Low porosity, Low density, Medium Width



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