SM Soufflé and Smoothie

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I really love SM products. I bought the smoothie and soufflé in hopes they would be awesome and for the longest time I could not figure out how to make them work...Until one night it happened!

I experiment at night after my shower when I have new products to try. One night my hair was really dry so I used my Soufflé an Smoothie since they have lots of moisture. I used a little bit of the soufflé on really wet hair and raked it in (I did not use a LI) and scrunched out excess water. I then smoothed in a little but of smoothie and scrunched. Blotted with my tshirt towel. Diffused slightly to set the curl and then air dried. My hair dried slightly crunchy but it was easy to scrunch out. I don't get big clumps with this (I naturally have small stringy clumps). But this made my hair curl pretty good and my hair felt very light like it didn't have any product in it.

I'm do glad I figured this out! :]
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