Tired of the braids.

RingletTeenLoveRingletTeenLove Posts: 116Registered Users
My mom makes me wear braids until my transition is over. The only thing is I hate them. Don't get me wrong they're always cute its just that getting my hair braided is so annoying. And I miss my hair. But if I leave it out I have nothing to do with it. I can't straighten it, french braid it, twist/braid outs or even put it up. I'm left with a whole bunch of NOTHING. please help me

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  • MixxitupMixxitup Posts: 40Registered Users
    Possibly a sew in or wig?

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  • MusicbutterflyMusicbutterfly Posts: 51Registered Users
    I suggest wigs as well. after while you get used to them and they're so convenient especially during winter time.
  • RingletTeenLoveRingletTeenLove Posts: 116Registered Users
    Lol no thanks. I'm kinda young for that. I'm only in 8th grade. I only wear wigs for Halloween and plays

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  • hippiedollhippiedoll Posts: 398Registered Users
    You can try rod sets or roller sets. If your school permits wear a beanie with some of your hair exposed for a chic style
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    How long is your hair? How much relaxed ends do you still have?
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  • RingletTeenLoveRingletTeenLove Posts: 116Registered Users
    My hair is in layers to about 2 in above my collar bone in the very back and each layer is about 1/2 in shorter until u reach my bangs. I have about 3 -4 in left of perm

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