protein,oil and silicone free gel needed!

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I finally found a light condish to use as my co-wash
and then a nice conditioner for my RO though i don't need to use it every time....but i am thinking i really
need to use a gel to help define my curls...though with cg
i have a lot less frizz :)

as i said,i'd like the gel to be protein free,oil free and
silicone free...PLUS needs to free of things that could break me out. All the HE gels would be cheap and great but they have that danged laureth 23 at the beginning of the list and its rated really high for causing breakouts so i won't touch it with a ten foot pole!

i'd really like something i can get at sallys,walmart,target,walgreens....



  • marieantoinettemarieantoinette Registered Users Posts: 131
    LA Looks Sports Gel is a good go-to because it's very cheap, however, many people find it drying. Aussie makes two gels that are silicone-free. One is more of a mousse, Instant Freeze, and the other, I forget what it's called, but it's like an anti-frizz gel.
    L'Oreal EverCreme is a good line of products with no sulfates or silicones but it's a bit more expensive.
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    I use KCCC. it's pretty expensive ($13 for a small-looking jar at Whole Foods and target online has it for $16, not sure about instore), however you can mix it with water or your LI so a little goes a long way. The first day I used a ton and had a gel cast that would NOT go away. Even though it's expensive, it lasts forever.

    I did check the ingredient list - it does have Aloe in it, so I'm not sure if that's an issue with the protein.
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    Moisture loving, oil and protein hating (though it tolerates some in products).

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