DevaCare v. DevaCurl

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I know there have been a bunch of posts about this, but when I tried to do a search I got nothing. And yes, I am still primarily staightening, but when I go curly, the Devacurl products have worked well for me. I looked through the reviews on the Devacare stuff, though, and, aside from the Arcangell, they seem to be raves.

My biggest question is this: Do the citrus extracts in the Devacare affect your hair color? I color (dark brown), and don't need any extra help with color fade. I have used the Devacurl chocolate lust, and it works well, but the Devacare just sounds so good.


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    I use devacare, I didn't notice any fading. as far as which is better, I just got all 3 the other day, I love them all so far, but the newness combined with the pain medicication im taking for dental work, I really can't tell what's different about each one yet. After I've used them for a little longer, I can write a post about the differences I have noticed.
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    I was actually under the impression that the Devacare was supposed to be better for people who color, but I could be wrong. I use both, but not because of coloring. I think redcelticcurls might have stopped using Devacare because of it fading her color, but I'm not completely sure.
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