Once curly hair going straight!

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My 5 year old daughter had the most beautiful thick curly hair up until about age 3 and now it just looks a frizzy lanky mess! Can this happen? Can hair just start going straight, or is it how im treating it? She has had it layered but it just didnt change the curl 'bouncing back'. Once washed i spray detangler and/or leave in conditioner and then use a detangler comb as it does get very knotted. Any help to get the curl back gratefully received!

Attached are the curly and straightish clips of her hair!


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    That second pic looks a lot like my little girl's hair! I'm going through the same thing with my daughter (who will be 5 in a few months) too. I've been told that due to the length/weight of her hair, it's losing it's curl and that once she has it cut shorter the curls will re emerge. I'm not so sure. She's always had a fairly weak curl pattern (no curl from the roots, straightens very easily with brushing or pulling her hair back) like her dad so I'm not sure. Plus she has a few friends who had similar issues, andonce they got chin length bobs, the curls still didn't come back. :(

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    That happened to my sister. She had Shirley temple ringlets until 3, then it changed to pretty straight then got wavy again at puberty, but just slightly, about a 2a. My friend's daughter's ringlets started to go around 4. She's 6 now and her hair is almost completely straight. So I guess it's pretty common.
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    This happened to my now 8 yr old daughter. She had beautiful curls until the age of 4 when I decided to she needed to have her first haircut. Now she has straight hair. I used to have a love hate relationship with her curls but I just miss them so much! She gets some wave when she has her hair washed but the are pretty much gone the next day!
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    I think a lot of children lose their "baby curls" around that age. My sister had that happen, but the curls came back at puberty when her hair also thickened. Don't worry, though. She is beautiful either way!

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