Which is the best Tea Tree Condish?

lizzieeelizzieee Posts: 8Registered Users
Ok so I have a dry scalp and I hear both Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner and Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner are pretty good.
One thing about it though is that I had a really bad reaction to the Trader Joe's Tea Tree Peppermint Clarifying Shampoo which made my scalp VERY flaky...and I don't know if the TJ's condish. will give me the same effect. Also, I would like to use whichever's the best as a co-wash only. Thanks! :}
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    Giovanni TT condish

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    You can always add a few drops of tea tree oil to your own conditioner.
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    I've used both the Giovanni and the Trader Joe's TTT. I *love* the Trader Joe's TTT. I think it's better than the Giovanni and is cheaper. It has tons of slip and feels good.
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    I've tried Giovanni and another one from Jason Naturals. (No Trader Joe's where I live, boo! I miss Phoenix LOL). Between those two I like the Giovanni.

    I also second the recommendation of adding tea tree oil to a conditioner you already have.

    Are you using this for dry scalp? If so, you can also add a little brown sugar into your conditioner and gently message it on your scalp. I do this once a week in addition to using a weekly coconut oil treatment. These have helped immensely in addition to my tea tree conditioners.


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  • lizzieeelizzieee Posts: 8Registered Users
    To JRock...
    I just bought Giovanni TTT and I used it for the first time. It felt refreshing but I noticed it gave me little dry flakes on the front of my scalp (where I've had the issue for a while now) and I don't know if this is normal. Will the flakes eventually go away? and about the brown sugar idea...do I just use plain brown sugar or do I have to make some sort of mixture?

    I just got home from the store and they had ran out of tee tree oil =/
    New to the site(: :wave:
    2c/3a hispanic hair.
    *I have an underlayer of straight/wavy hair
    Co-wash:Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner
    Leave-in: Giovanni Direct Leave-In
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    I've never had the GTTTT leave flakes so I'm not sure. As far as the brown sugar, use regular old brown sugar. I add about a tablespoon to a large palm full of conditioner. That may help get rid of the flakes more than any of the conditioners alone. When you massage it on your scalp, be gentle and rinse thoroughly. This, for me at least, helps the most. I usually follow this up with a good deep conditioner. I also add coconut oil or tea tree oil to my deep conditioner. I will leave it on for an hour, sometimes over night.

    When I first started the brown sugar scrubs, tea tree oil conditioners, coconut oil, etc., it took awhile to see results, two weeks or so. Coconut oil and tea tree oil actually caused a burning sensation on my scalp! I was petrified I'd ruined my hair LOL. But ever since then it's been heaven sent.

    It's a lot of extra steps, with brown sugar, tea tree and coconut oils, but it's worth it. I hope this helps!

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