bush baby and those people's hair

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Ok, so I normally wear my hair natural. If you haven't seen it, here's the link.


Well 4 times a year I get my hair blowdried straight and flat ironed so that my hair dresser can cut my layers. Well I'd been slacking for a while, so I hadn't done it for about a year (since I started my new job). I got it done this weekend and went to work on Monday.

The comments I got from non-black people were more fascination. Like "wow, you have a new hair do. It looks good. I mean I like how it was before, but it looks good this way too. The black ladies all said how much better they like it straight." The black security guard downstairs didn't recognize me until Tuesday when she commented, aren't you the one with the bush baby or bush balls (I'm not sure which one she said)?

Wednesday I go to dance class. I know this is the end of the straight hair, but I'm ready. I walk past the black girl at the front desk and she's laughing like wow I've never seen your hair like that. I go to class and of course it transforms right before your eyes into a bunch of friziness (there's an example in the album of that too). I come back out and the girl at the front desk says to me, "either you sweat a lot or you got those people's hair". I'm like what does that mean? She tells me that she doesn't have those people's hair and that my hair frizzed up cause I have those people's hair.

I just don't understand why other cultures seem to be so much more loving and accepting of my hair. Black people have always loved my hair. I never got these comments before. What's strange is I never got any of these comments about my hair from black women, until I wore it straight.


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    People are weird man. I know exactly what you're saying though. I can relate.
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    I can relate too.

    And I hate it when people tell me, "But your hair is so much nicer when straight" (after I wash out the blow out). Gee, thanks.
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    "Those people's" hair? I'm confused - isn't she one of "those" people? :lol: That's crazy talk.
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    There is no rhyme or reason to people sometimes. I've heard good and bad comments from all types of people. Just keep you head up sis. At the end of the day all that matters is what you think...

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