DIY Milk & Honey Condish

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Hi, I recently made this awesome conditioner that I use whenever I wash my hair, instead of buying one. It is 1 part honey-2 parts milk. I use the recipe 2 Tablespoon honey to 1/4 cup (4 Tablespoons) milk. Just blend it until it's frothy and use it like normal condish. Because my hair is easily weighed down, I rinse it out with apple cider vinegar, 1 tbls-1cup water. I was wondering if anyone thinks this is a good routine. O, and before I wash my hair, I apple coconut oil to the ends, and I use Garnier Fructis Pure Clean gel, sometimes.:toothy10:


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    Aw, thanks for the recipe, sweetness.

    Milk and honey, yummm. It sounds good to me. I'm mildly allergic to honey, either because I am allergic to bees (never been stung) or because of my allergies. But I don't think using it for a short time will cause harm. Do you know if you can wash it out with just conditioner?
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    If your hair responds well to what you are doing, I say stay with it!

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    Maybe instead of honey, if you're sensitive, you could substitute molasses or agave syrup. I know they tend to have the same effect in DTs.
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