Will I be able to wear my DevaCut straight?

Hi! I'm new here (3B). I have an appt with Anna at Devachan in NYC end of the month. I have never had the cut before and have pretty much straightned my whole life. I did a BKT back in August (8 months ago) so I have a few pieces on my top layer that never faded as promised and are still pretty straight, which is frustrating as I try to transition to wearing it curly more often. I know having a professional cut and some tips from an expert will help me, and I will look to the stylist to hopefully trim up some of those straight pieces which could help, but I expect I'll still need to wear it straight a great deal until those pieces fade or fully grow out (and even if those pieces have all gone back to normal by then, which I doubt, I'd still like to have the option to straighten occasionally).

From what I've read they cut curl by curl. Will this look awful and uneven when straight? Will the Deva stylists be open to helping me find a cut that will work both ways (straight/curly)? It's a lot of money to spend, which I'm willing to do, but only if they can help me with both. I know they can be "protective" of the curly image and the impression I get is they frown upon straightening at all. Thanks everyone!


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    This my personal bias, but I feel that a DevaCut should be done when you are committed to wearing your hair curly/natural more often than straight (i.e. everyday curly and straight only on rare occasions). I say this because a DevaCut and similar dry curly cuts are done to make the curls look the best they can. The stylist doesn't take into account how the hair will look straight because they cut it while curly.

    That said, I had a DevaCut done last year and I wore my hair straight a few times afterwards without issue. It may not have looked as good as when I wore my hair straight all the time and had it cut accordingly, but it was still nice looking.
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    Thanks for the reply!
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    I would also have to agree that since you will not be wearing your hair curly it might not be worth the money. The Deva concept is about cutting the hair in the curly state.

    I also agree that you will probably be ok wearing the hair straight after the Deva Cut.
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    It may look uneven as devacut is meant only to be worn curly. I had a terrible time with unevenness when I tried devacut, but I had a particularly bad experience!
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    Ditto Jaclyn15!

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    I had my first DevaCut about a month ago, and I have worn it straight a couple times, no issue. My stylist cut curl by curl, dry, but she was really careful about keeping it even on each side. She'd cut from the left, then cut from the same place on the right, then go to the left, and back to the right. I have read about other people's issues w/ not being able to go straight, and I feel really lucky that I still can and everything is even.
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    Mine did an all-over dry cut first, then cut curl by curl.

    If you intend to straighten it, let the stylist know beforehand.

    But I have to agree - it seems like a waste to get a devacut if you just plan to straighten most of the time.

    You may find they can handle the cut in such a way that takes care of those straight bits. Or you could "touch them up" (just the straight parts) by wrapping them around a curling iron.

    I don't think you need to continue straightening - your best bet would be to stop doing so (except for on occasion), and find a way to deal with the straight pieces.

    I'm sure the qualified stylist can advise you well!

    Good luck!
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    when I got my first deva cut, i was used to wearing it straight and let the stylist know that i needed it to look good straight as well. I got the cut, loved it, but straightened the next day. it was uneven..but it was kinda edgy and cool and i actually really loved it straight as well...

    So just let the stylist know beforehand so they can take it into consideration but it probably will be uneven...and when i went to straighten it at a different salon, I had to had to specify..i KNOW its uneven, just straighten it and let it be because they immediately wanted to "fix" the cut.

    that being said, i loved the cut so much I pretty much just wore my hair exclusively curly anyway. but if u don't plan on wearing it curly..thats a REALLY expensive haircut.