La Textura anyone?

I recently got a La Textura keratin treatment. So far it has been amazing, I have very thick, coarse and dry 3c hair, that was constantly knotting, and could be overwhelming at times. My strands were also very rough and dull, I'm assuming from all the stress I put it through when I detangled it. Right now it is super shiny, sleek and soft. I can honestly say I don't think I've every felt like my hair was soft unless it was wet and doused with conditioner.

However I haven't washed it out yet. I'm pretty paranoid that it will either A. loosen my curls dramatically B. my hair will never revert or C. it will wash out and my hair will go back to the same tangled mess.

I guess it's a pretty new product and i can not find much about it. I think I'm just looking for reassurance lol. Has anyone tried this treatment, any good or bad things to report?

the website is at


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    I recently got the La textura, I have been relaxer free for almost 4 years. I love it as well hair is soft and silfy. However my hair is very fine, very thin so it is flat as heck. Havent washed yet either will post update when i do
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    Glad you both how found a treatment you are happy with!

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    You are beautiful!