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Can anyone recommend hair styles for thin hair? I always figured layers covered all sins, but one article I read said that thin hair should have "rounded" styles, not layers.

What is a rounded style? Does anyone have a favorite kind of style/cut that they really liked?
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  • cleanteeth68cleanteeth68 Registered Users Posts: 49
    Personally, I think my hair looks much better with fewer layers and more of an all one length look. So like a longer bob. I like mine just grazing my shoulders..anything longer than that and it just starts looking stringy!
  • stoprecedingstopreceding Registered Users Posts: 1
    Wavy look is better for thin hair as they gives volume to hair and gives different look too. You can try layers too.
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  • theisjulietheisjulie Registered Users Posts: 1
    Wavy swavy style will definitely suit on thin hairs..You should try it..

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