I "made" a pretty good protein treatment!

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My hair has been a little fried lately. I've been dying my hair very dark brown/black for many years. I decided I'd like it to be a chocolate brown. Yeah....that didn't work. I had all the color stripped out of my hair back in september. Then she colored it with...something. It turned out brown with a very reddish tint. So, I quit dying my hair. I'm just gonna let the gray come in. It's coming in quite nicely BUT the part that got stripped is in bad shape. It feels like straw. I decided to make what I consider to be a fairly strong protein treatment. I don't like using food in my hair so I did some research on here, found a basic conditioner that contains some protein at Sally's. Cure Care - it seems similar in concept to Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner in that it says it can be used in the hair and on the skin. It's not very thick. I bought a bottle of that (they also sell it in a gallon size) and a bottle of the Colorful Neutral Protein Filler. I mixed up about five or six teaspoons of the conditioner in a small bowl with about 24-30 drops of the protein filler. Mixed it up well and slathered it on my head paying special attention to the are from the ears down because that's the most damamged part. This worked out great! I left it in for a short time - maybe 20 minutes then just rinsed it out. It felt really good rinsing it out but when I got it all rinsed out my ends felt a little rough. I did a DT in the shower with CJ Curl rehab, rinsed that out and used GFTN as a leave in. This made a huge change in my hair!! It's not perfect but it feels soooo much better. I will do another one in a couple days and with that I should be back to normal for the time being. I've also decided to try adding the protein filler to my GVP conditioning balm. I love how soft that stuff makes my hair feel but I need the protein. So far this was a really good fix without spending a lot of money. I ended up buying the bottle of the Cure Care conditioner, the GVP conditioning balm and the 6 oz bottle of the protein filler and spent just about $20. My hair is 3b and medium across the boad, and, when straight, comes almost to the small of my back. I figure I can get probably 7 protein treatments or more out of this, at least and with the protein filler I can make any conditioner I like into a protein conditioner! I'm very happy right now.

If you get the chance, give this protein treatment a try. The Cure Care conditioner does have protein in it already and I've seen some people rave that it makes an excellent leave-in. I haven't tried that yet. But I like the idea of having one product that I can use for multiple things. Just thought I'd let you all know.
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    Cool! I'll try this. I LOOOOOVE Cure Care!
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    Thanks so much for sharing! I found this thread today and I have a coupon for sally's! Yeah
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    I did my PT Saturday with the GVP k pack and added some NPF to it. I didn't even have to do a DT afterwards. My hair felt really good.
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