Change Hair Type?

Hi :)
My hair type right now is 2c, however sometimes i see some strands of 3a.
I have been using natural shampoo since November and my hair feels great. But lately i feel like it's a little too dry so tomorrow i'm trying out an avocado/banana recipe for my hair. yum ;) (if you have any tips on how to keep hair from those evil frizz, please share them with me)

Anyway , i was wondering if there's something i can do to make my hair get more of these 3a strands. Do i change my routine?
I wash my hair twice a week. I've been experimenting with natural soaps and i'm using Ella's Botanical Soap right now but my favourite is the SeaBuckthorn Shampoo bar.
Oh and i forgot to mention that my hair is pretty long ( down to the middle of my back) and my bangs are down to my neck, and i think it's weighing my hair down.
The last time i had a haircut was in June and it was horrible! :(So i'm scared to go back. I usually cut my hair myself but i dont know if i should go to a hairstylist to get my hair trimmed.

thanks x