Tired of wearing headbands! HELP!!

I hate the way the front of my hair looks because it gets too big, puffy and frizzy! All I do is put in my shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and Eco styler gel then I diffuse it dry.. I have to diffuse or else my hair will take forever to dry.. I'm pretty sure it's the diffusing that is making it like this but diffusing my hair also gives me extra curl definition..
I'm kinda stuck here because I love diffusing but I just hate how frizzy the from of my hair is so i always end up wearing a head band.. I'm tired of that look and I want to rock curly bangs :(

If u have any suggestions plz let me know! I'm getting so tired of this same look and I'm trying so hard not to just pick up my flat iron and straighten my hair!

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    Have you tried different products? Maybe it is your products that are causing frizz. Or your protein/moisture balance. Or you may need to clarify. You could also try diffusing to 75% dry and air dry the rest of the way.
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    I agree with the above poster. I get that way too if I need to clarify. I have found that when I have the perfect moisture/protein balance my hair dries so much faster on its own. When I first started CG I refused to diffuse and my hair would be sopping wet all day. I mean all day too. Now my hair is almost completely dry in about an hour and a half. I plop and diffuse maybe 5 minutes total now. You might try night washing too.

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    Yeah I've tried different products and I get the best results with these two.. Even when I clarify I still get the same fizziness and I only wash at night cuz I leave my DC in overnight... :( I'm probably just going to have to live wit a head band

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    Let's see pictures!