Getting darker hair...with henna and indigo?

BreahPicklesBreahPickles Posts: 10Registered Users
I have never dyed my hair before. I'm 17, and my hair is a mixture of 3a, and 3b. It's a really boring dark brown, with bits of lighter brown at the front. I would really like to dye it a darker brown, or even black.

I've read articles about henna/indigo dying...but I'm still so confused about it.

- Firstly, where do I buy it, and what brand/type should I use?
- How should I mix it?
- Does anyone have a step by step procedure when dying their hair?
- Will it dry out my hair, or change the texture of my curls?
- Should their be a percentage of henna and indigo used? (for example, 20% henna, 80% indigo)

Thank you guys so much :tongue:

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