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Hello everyone,
My name is Quae, I'm 22 and I did the big chop around Nov., and I've been studying my hair ever since

I am a 3c/4a mixed and still having a very hard time keeping moisture in my hair and promote shine as well, because my hair just loves loves loves products; won't even give it a chance to set in :angry7:

Usually I really don't find videos and people w/ mixed textured hair like mine and if I do their hair is short and I'm looking for people who had a certain amount of years who have managed to keep it under control.

Hopefully I will make friends and talk to people who could give me tips on my lovely, crazy, insane natural hair

Love, Peace and Hair Gease


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    Welcome, Quae (great name)! We're so glad you've joined our community and we look forward to getting to know you!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    Hey !.welcome

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    My hair is different, it's 3a & 3 b, so I do understand the varying texture concept in 1 head. I try not to let it be challenging, but embrace fact that I need to find balance when it comes to adjusting products for best results. Have fun experimenting & finding new friends
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    Welcome! You're in for a journey.
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