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I just got my daughter's hair cut into an adorable afro! This is her first time getting it cut, except trims. She is 8 and really wanted to be able to wear her hair loose. She has gorgeous 4a hair and a wonderful, confident personality, so it really goes with her! She is soooooooooooo happy. I told her she can wear it down except for when we go swimming. She wears a satin bonnet at night, and is able to spray her hair with water, finger detangle it and work in a little Shea Moisture each morning. Then she loves to dress it up with headbands, scarves and barrettes. It is great to see her taking over a little bit, and creating her own style.

I am an adoptive mom with just barely wavy hair (2a/b). To be frank, I'm as white as winter cream. As a little girl, I had a little pageboy cut, and my Caucasian and Asian friends for the most part had similar styles at different times. The only little girl I remember who never had shorter hair was a little girl around the corner from us who was from Barbados. Her grandmother lived with her, and spent hours making sure this child's hair was perfect everyday. The rest of us went around looking like the rascals that we were. I wonder why there is so much pressure on African American little girls to look perfect and keep their hair long, whether they like it that way or not! I actually think kids are cute when they're a little bit "rumpled" looking!

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