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Hello everyone =)
My name is Reya. I'm seventeen years old and i live in a country in the middle east called Oman. I have given up on my curly mess and i've spent hours online trying to find a way to cope with it. I came across the Curly Girl Method. At first i was very excited and wanted to get to it right away.However, i started looking at some of the products the other girls are using and i suddenly lost all hope again. Not many of these products are imported to Oman. I don't have boots or a drugstore. It's really hard to find certain brands. I know they sell brands like, Dove, herbal essence, L'oreal and plantine, but none of the other brands. I am a bit worried that i won't find products that are CG friendly. Can anyone please help me find some products i could use to start the CG method right away? I'm going to buy the book on my mum's IPAD. Unfortunately they don't sell these sort of books in the bookstore. Even though i want to start right away, i am willing to wait so i can do it right and finally enjoy my curls. For anyone who is wondering, my curls are 2c/3a. Depends really on what mood my hair is in, lol. Thank you for your patience and my apologies for my length message.

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