Going from blonde to Brown hair color

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My original hair color is a dirty blonde color. For the past year, I have had blonde/red highlights. The last time I had it highlighted was in February. I highlight my hair once every 6 months so that hopefully I wont damage it as much. Later this summer/fall I am wanting to go closer back to my normal hair color or even go to brown to cover my highlights without doing alot of damage or weird hair colors. Any recommendations for products I can use? Help!


  • SusieSuzeSusieSuze Posts: 524Registered Users
    The least damaging thing I can think of is Goldwell Soft Color


    Its a no peroxide pigmented foam mousse that you apply to clean damp hair. (wear gloves!) You leave it in for about 15 minutes then rinse out and you have lovely colour that lasts through 6 shampoos on virgin hair but a lot longer on previously processed hair. It really depends on how damaged your highlights are.

    You can reapply often and eventually you'll find that the pigments really hold in the highlights and you will need to use it less and less. It is super conditioning and makes your hair feel and smell awesome.

    It's cheap, about $15 a can and can do many applications, depending on hair length.

    Good luck!

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