it is a grind.

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boy oh boy, all you ladies out there that have my prob of thinning hair, you know.. it is so frustrating and stressful! and that perpetuates the problem even more! ahh i went through a little period where i was ready to just cut it all off, like straight up boy style. i don't really mind taking risks with my hair, thats probs why its so damaged... i dyed it a handful of times, straightened it, whatever i felt like. that's why i am going to make certain i advice my daughter of otherwise, natural hair is so beautiful girls! don't do what i did! but if you already have.. i'll tell you a couple things that have so far been working pretty good for me.. 1. be gentle! show yourself some love girls. i used to scrunch my curls so hard and tight because i thought that would define them better, wrong. it squeezes all the moisture out and creates little fuzzies and frizzies around your curls. just gentle hands that occasionally scrunch the ends. stroke through your hair, no brushes, no combs, all natural baby! 2. products: in terms of products i use pretty much all natural lines: jane carter solution, i wouldnt necessarily recommend this line to girls with my situation: 2b curls. it's kind of greasifies your hair but the nourish and shine solution, and little serum does pretty good with calming down frizz you might have. what i love though is my bumble and bumble curl defining cream, it is so gentle and nourishing to my hair. a little goes a long way too- just a little on the ends and comb through at the crown and it coaxes curls out with giving it body and volume, also it seems to have decreased the amount of hair i'm shedding. the shampoo and condish i use: desert essence coconut for dry hair. really really great line and product :) so soft, gentle, natural. 3. i do not shampoo every day. no no no. co-wash probs 3 or 4 times a week until i just can't anymore. 4. warm water when washing, cold water when rinsing. actually really makes a difference ladies. but overall, be gentle guys. please. not only will it look beautiful but you'll feel more beautiful :)

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