Newbie and frustrated!

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Hi ladies. I decided less than 2 months ago to go to natural AGAIN. My last relaxer was December 2011. Back in 2008 I started to go natural, and transitioned for 8 months but I was about to get married in Mexico and wouldn't have anybody to style my hair, so I gave in, relaxed it and that was the end of my transition.

I decided to do it again this time and for real. I'm Dominican, so all my life I've been going to Dominican salons and doing roller set/blow outs. I have a combination of type 4a/4b hair and have been relaxing it every 2-3 months for the past 20 years. It used to be BSL but I recently trimmed it to shoulder lenght.

I'm lucky I don't have any heat damage because I NEVER flat iron, and I DC regularly. My frustration is that I don't know how to deal with natural hair. I don't know how to do braids (trust me I've tried and they come undone before I can finish) I've tried bantu knots, tried twist and nothing comes out right. So far the only thing working for me is the straw set, but I'd like to switch it up. I'm great at roller setting/blow drying my hair, but I'd like to stay away from heat as long as I can. Also, how do you use castor oil? I've never moisture/seal in my life, all this is very new to me.

Sorry for the long post!! I just have sooo many questions :confused5:


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    I am very much in the same boat you are, however I have done quite a bit of research over the last few months due to curiosity. I also am learning how to deal with natural hair- in fact I just posted in the same forum you did! However, I have experienced with braid outs but I got tired of them easily (I constantly like something new which is not good for transitioners lol) As far as styles I am no help because I am lost as well. When using oils it’s not necessarily for moisturizing, it’s to lock in the moisture. I use coconut oil because I know it’s small enough to fit into my hair strand. An example: I moisturize with a leave in conditioner and I seal with coconut oil. This isn’t going to be right for everybody it’s just an example. You can moisturize with different things but sealing is normally a butter or an oil. Anybody feel free to correct me if I’m wrong this is just what I’ve gained from research.

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