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Does anyone know how to define my curls with product? My curl patterns are different and I just finished transitioning. I don't want to use any products and my curl patterns are different. I feel like I cannot wear my hair down cause the curls look crazy


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    What's your primary hair type? You might want to spend some time digging around the site; there's tons of information about styling different hair types.

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    My hair type is between 3c and 4a. It is really hard to tell because I just started the CG method. Can you point me out where to look on the site ? Thank you!
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    well the Techniques thread has links to a ton of ways you can apply product etc to help define your curls.

    Pick a method and try it out, and just experiment. Really, one big way to define curls is to use product, but it can be tricky getting it in right.
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