Marie Dean conditioning mask and detangler

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I recently ordered the Coconut Chocolate Chip Soft Curls Cream. I probably should have ordered either the vanilla or unscented version. The cream does work decently, but is a little heavy for my hair. That combined with the slightly unpleasant scent keeps me from using it as often as I would have liked.

But, she very kindly included a sample of the Mango Detangler and the Vanilla Repair Conditioning Mask. The mango scent is wonderful. And the detangler is light enough that I can use that as a leave-in (and my only product). My hair actually has more curls and volume when I put nothing in it, but then it is frizzy and does lose the curls by the end of the day. So all I need is something to help with the frizz that doesn't weigh it down, and the detangler does that.

As for the mask, I have been using the SS Deeply Decadent moisturizer once a month for about a year and a half. I thought that was a good moisturizer. But after using the Vanilla Repair Conditioning Mask, wow!! My hair was so light and soft. I kept shaking my head so I could feel it brush my back. I think I'll be switching to this one until it runs out.
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