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I henna for white hairs that I have near my temples, and I do that area 1 a week. I have med-coarse hair and I have been losing lately a lot of little hairs in my sheds. I worry that I'm losing from that area from high protein. I don't want to stop henna. I know henna can make your hair become dry brittle,b ut will it make it come out and shed earlier than it should? will it pull your hair or make it fall out? Anyway I can compromise and still henna once a week?? any suggestions appreciated!:alien:
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    I usually henna once a month at the most. I do it both for grey coverage and to strengthen the hair. After I henna, it usually needs a deep condition to get back to normal and even then can take a few days to start acting right. I've not had any issues with this routine for the 2+ years I've been doing it.

    Have you tried going longer than a week between henna treatments? My hair grows really slowly so there wouldn't be much change over the course of a week. But if yours grows that quickly that you need to recover the grey on a weekly basis, I would suggest doing a deep condition after each treatment, and try to lay off the protein in your other products. Alternatively, could you do tea or coffee rinses to get grey coverage as well without the strong effects of henna?

    Hope this helps!
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    I henna once a month or every 3rd week. If it help, make sure to set with a deep moisturizing conditioner for awhile if the protein is the problem or maybe try to use henna less often. (every 2 weeks or so)

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