Clumping curls together

CurlyKiKi97CurlyKiKi97 Posts: 33Registered Users
My curls are between a 3b/3c and they won't clump together they have frizz in between the separated curls . I don't know what to do . Is there a product or method I could use to fix this . Thanks !


  • longcurlygirllongcurlygirl Posts: 15Registered Users
    Are you doing the cg method? Your hair needs moisture fast! Try a DT or even with oils.
  • longcurlygirllongcurlygirl Posts: 15Registered Users
    Also try putting a leave in like Shea moisture coconut hibiscus and then a gel
  • BreahPicklesBreahPickles Posts: 10Registered Users
    To get my curls to clump, I co-wash my hair, and rinse most of it out (try to leave a tiny bit in your hair) then while it's soaking wet, I run a quarter size amount of Kinky-Curly Curling Custard through my hair and finger comb it through. After that, I blot my hair a little with an old t-shirt, so water and product isn't dripping down my back...Then I take each clump that was made in that process and swirl it around my finger. Then I let it air dry. When it becomes just damp, and not super wet, I put argan oil on my ends.

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