Mixed hair type? How do I get it more uniform?

T3ddy377T3ddy377 Posts: 7Registered Users
Hello I'm new here and I'm not sure what my hair type is. The front is much curlier than the back. So would that make it a mix? I know my hair is fine since it is difficult to feel between my fingers. I don't know my porosity and not really sure how to figure that out. So advice on porosity would be much appreciated. My hair is of a normal to thick density.

It really drives me insane that the back of my hair gets really flat and i wish it would match the front of my hair. The hair at the nape of my neck is much tighter curls than the front and they shrink right up which creates the worst tangles. Are there any ideas on helping the back of the hair to curl more or at least not go flat?

Thanks for any advice.


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    I think it looks like 3a, GORGEOUS hair, too.

    It's normal to have different hair types on one head, especially with the looser curl types, I think. Mine is curlier in back and looser in front and underneath, sort of the reverse of yours.

    But - if it's just curlier in front because it's shorter there, then getting slightly shorter layers in back might work to make the back curlier; or if you are just not getting styling product on that part because you scrunch it in and the crown gets missed? if you are asking how to get the front to relax a little I don't know...
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  • T3ddy377T3ddy377 Posts: 7Registered Users
    yeah i've been thinking of getting more layers in my hair to help cut down on the weight since it is on the longer side. I'm not too sure how to tell the hairdresser what exactly i want cause i never end up with what i want and then sometimes i'll cut it myself. when i apply product i scrunch with my hair flipped over. Are there any good ideas for products that will not weigh my hair down but will keep it from flattening in the back?
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    First, you have gorgeous hair! Your curl pattern is tighter than mine (I think 3a for you), but i have the same problem. I get ringlets and odd botticelli curls in the front and sides of my hair, but the back easily stretches out and looks blah. What I do that helps is make sure I get lots of product in the back since I neglect the back often (it tends to be dryer too), and I make sure when I diffuse the back, I push up into the roots so it keeps the curl better. I do the same with my roots on the sides too because otherwise, the top can get flat too. I'm pretty new at this, but HTH. You have such pretty hair even if you don't change anything!
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    Welcome to the whirly world! I can empathize.
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    You have such lovely hair!

    Mine is has the same thing: curlier around my face and the nape of my neck. If you look at "classic" statues and paintings (think Roman godesses), you often see the same thing, so maybe it isn't such a bad thing after all! Actually, when I see really uniform curls I usually assume that it is a perm!
  • T3ddy377T3ddy377 Posts: 7Registered Users
    yeah thanks. I've never diffused my hair before but i might try. Do i need a heat protectant and if I do what are some suggestions? If you do need a heat protectant do you spray if first and then apply your products or after. I almost always put a leave in. would i do that first then spray protectant or after?


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