Whats going on with my hair?!

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Ive noticed in the middle of my scalp the hair there is very rough and no matter what i put in it it never gets soft like the rest of my hair.i have 5 inches of new curl and its looking like a 3c but that middle part just looks like it hasnt even grown it just looks rough no curl pattern just straight and when it dries it looks like a big knot in the middle of hair.So i was if its heat damage or is it because i comb it too much that it looks like that.I dont think its heat damage because i dont straighten my hair.Ive considered that maybe its another hair texture but somehow i cant believe it is because it dosent even look like type 4a or 4b or c or feel like it cause i know people with that hair type and it dosent look or feel like that it ,,mines just looks damaged straight and feels extremely rough.Maybe its breakage i have no idea.The rest of my hair that has grown out is healthy and smooth its just that one spot thats just so hard.

Also i think that maybe the middle of my hair hasnt grown an that its my permed hair that feels so rough.Do some places in the scalp grow faster than other?

Also ive heard of something called scab hair can someone explain that to me.

Sorry if im not making any sense im not sure how to really explain it


  • mixedecuamixedecua Registered Users Posts: 46
    This is how my hair looks like for the most part of my new growth


    And this is how the middle of my hair looks all straight limp brittle

  • mycurlytressesmycurlytresses Registered Users Posts: 275
    Here is info on scab hair.


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