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So I stumbled across a theory this morning as I was doing my hair. I was refreshing my style from yesterday when I noticed that I had some in the curls frizz. On a whim I looked a little closer and noticed that it wasn't really frizz but long hairs that were just kind of flying solo with no group to belong to. I traced some of them and found that they were stuck to my damaged hair at the bottom. I've always noticed that the damaged ends stick together and form bigger curls than I really have (my curl groups are small in diameter) My thinking is that the reason I seem to have in the curl frizz is not because it is frizz but individual hairs from my new growth are sticking to the damaged hair and causing them to fall out of their groups and look like frizz. So the next step is to trim the damaged ends off of some hidden places and see how those curls form (once I buy new hair scissors since the kids used mine to cut paper, lol). So what do you guys think? Does this make any sense?
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