Low Sulfates

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Is it okay to use non-water sulable silicones if you are using low sulfate shampoo, or will that create buildup?


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    The Scoop on Silicones

    This article is one worth bookmarking for reference! It tells you exactly what cleansers will dissolve what silicones.
    Some low-poos contain detergents that will remove most silicones, some don't. I suggest printing out the article for the handy dandy chart. That way you can take it with you to the store.
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    I believe that any cleanser that contains even coco betaine will remove the silicones (coco betaine is in a lot of low poos and is supposed to be more gentle than sulfates)
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    I use DevaCurl Low-poo and CJ Daily Fix. They both have coco betaine and they remove anything I put in my hair. I started using them before I used up all of my silicone filled pre-CG products and never had problems with buildup, even during the initial "adjustment period". The CJ DF is more like a cross between a low-poo and a conditioner, while the Devacurl has some lather to it. They're both wonderful and they both do an excellent job of cleansing my hair without stripping it.
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