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I've been all natural for quite a few years now, but this site is relatively new to me and I tend to forget about it when my hair is straight. With that said, I've still got a ton of questions, the first being... How do I know what level of porosity my hair possesses?


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    Low porosity hair tends to take a bit to get wet, water will bead up on it before absorbing. It also takes a while to dry. The closed cuticle makes it hard to moisturize, so it generally needs moisturizing products.

    Medium porosity hair wets and dries in a moderate amount of time. It's middle of the road "normal" porosity hair. It likes a mix of protein and moisture.

    High porosity hair wets fairly quickly, and dries quickly as well. Hair can be highly porous due to damage from dyes, perms, and relaxers, and flat ironing, curling irons or blow dryers, but some people are naturally highly porous. High porosity hair has an open cuticle layer and generally likes protein in products, which help to fill in holes and damaged areas in the cuticle.

    You can read further about it on Live Curly Live Free. That page has a strand test you can use to help determine porosity if the basic descriptions above didn't ring any bells for you.

    If you want a really definitive answer, you can order a hair analysis which will also tell you what your texture and elasticity are. Those are all handy things to know when choosing what products to use on your hair.
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    Thanks a bunch, that was really helpful!
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    Same here, thanks for sharing!
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    My hair seems to wet just fine but does take a long time to dry. I read the way to tell on the live curly, live free site and still am unclear. I guess it leaned more toward medium but I'm no good at determining these kinds of things.
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