Do curl activators help restore damaged hair?

Hey girls, so after lots and lots of heat damage, my curls hang limp and lifeless. Some of them even just hang straight. So I was thinking of investing into a good, CG friendly curl activator such as Kinky Curly Curling Custard to re-activate my curls and help them remember and re-form their natural pattern. My only concern though is that such a method may actually dehydrate my hair or lead to build up. Any thoughts??


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    If it's CG it won't build up. Curl activators may or may not actually help curls, but most likely curls will reemerge if you stop straightening, do regular deep treatments, and the damage gets cut off.
    Personally, I found that activators made a bit of difference in the beginning, but nothing like what I get now after a year of CG and really encouraging my curl by not straightening.
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    I think curl activators will maximise your curl 'potential', but if you've damaged your hair, you may have lowered your 'potential' and may not get the same curliness you'd normally get. I would look after your hair very well for a while (deep treatments, protein/reconstructor treatments, something ayurvedic maybe, no heat), before expecting to see your optimum curliness!
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    If your hair is really damaged, the answer is no. Damaged hair is generally porous. If your hair is fine and porous, you need lots of protein (here's a link to help you determine your texture Live Curly Live Free - Home.) You need to do regular PTs followed by DTs. Treat your hair with TLC. If that doesn't help, you'll need to cut off the damage.

    Best thing you can do it read, read, and read some more. Learn how to take care of your hair. You'll be a happier when you see those beautiful curls restored!
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    You girls really have been so helpful! Thank you for all the tips! :)

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