Kyra's Ultimate Indulgence, NuExpressions, Kyah Alexandria, and MORE!

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Kyra's Ultimate Indulgence
Sweet Mango Butter (8 oz- 99% left: only a dab off the top)- $9

Hot Six Oil
Hot Six Oil Hair and Body Mist (8 oz- 25% left)- $1

Kyah Alexandria
HydraMoist Creamy Leave In Conditioner (8 oz- about 90-95% full)- $8
*** Bought this from another curly, but I didn't read the second ingredients which is Shea butter. My hair hates Shea butter, so I never used it.

NuExpressions Carrot Oil Hair Strengthener w/ Shea Butter (6 oz- 70-75% left)- $2
*** Very light and silky hairdressing, with nice hold. It smells wonderful, and leaves great shine.

Optimum Care
Optimum Care Whipped Oil Moisturizer (8.5 oz- 60% left)- $1

*** Please ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES! PM if interested! THANKS!
*** Shipping is $5


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