deep condition treatment?

Jill90Jill90 Posts: 3Registered Users
I was wondering what I should use. There is so much out there to choose from. My hair is fine and on the thin side. I wouldn't say its damaged because I rarely blew dried, straightened and have never permed or colored. I still thought I could use some protein though since its fine. I was just wondering what I should use for a deep condition treatment for my hair once a week. Right now I wash with giovanni conditioner and rinse out deva condition. Any suggestions? I rather not buy offline but will if it comes to that. Thanks!


  • swtndspcyswtndspcy Posts: 692Registered Users
    Sally's Generic Value Conditioning Balm makes a great DT.
    You can also add an oil of choice and/or honey to your regular condish and just use that as a DT.
    If you want a good protein condish, Ion effective care is good, also from Sally's. And IAgirl's PT is super cheap and easy, and works as well as any store bought PT, IMHO.

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