Newbie in need of help :-(

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Good morning Ladies

I need some help/advice please. My hair has always been really spiral curly and I love my ringlets however after a hair cut & trying straight for 3 weeks (I didnt like it) my curls seem to have gone :(

I have gone to a mere wavy at best, I dont blow dry or use any product on my hair & its really normal curly when wet but when it dries it goes all horrid and kinky straight.

apart from having a perm is there anything I can try to get my curls back?

Thank you for taking the time to read this



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    One of the characteristics of 3a hair is that it can lose some of the curl if cut too short. I'm not sure how short you cut your hair, but this could have something to do with what you're seeing.

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    I had it cut to on my shoulder so still long ish, I will try to put up some then and now pictues :)

    Before (this was about a year ago but I dont have any recent curly pics)

    and now (excuse freaky look I was looking in the mirror to make sure I got mostly hair)

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