Would anyone care to read my philosophy presentation? Hint: it's about curls ;)

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I could've gone on forever--there was so much more to say. Unfortunately, there was a word count limit. I thought I'd share what I wrote on this board. :) We were supposed to pick a topic that interested us and argue it clearly. I hope I did us curlies justice!

Here is what I submitted, and will be presenting to the class later this semester:

Although this may seem like a trivial issue to focus upon, it has much to do with the way a woman perceives herself. Hair is often referred to as one's "crowning glory"; it can be one of the most noticeable features on a person, and is one of the most versatile to work with for someone who wishes to have a new look. Following this, it is exceedingly rare to see a woman in the media with naturally curly hair. During such makeover shows as What Not to Wear, the curls are often the first to go in favor of a more "polished" look. Victoria's Secret catalogues have yet to feature a single woman with natural curls or waves.

Straightened locks have become the ideal for beauty, and it shows. Even in popular shampoo commercials, women with beautiful ringlets are portrayed as the "before" pictures, plagued with "awful frizz" that needs to be "taken care of". The few times curls are featured, they are merely loose barrel-formed waves placed upon women with already-straightened hair, advertised as "wild" and "untamed". As someone who is both a natural curly-top and fascinated by all hair types, this is an outrage to women everywhere. This exclusion of all sorts of curly hair from the spotlight makes the 65% of women in the world with natural curls and waves feel that there is something wrong with them. Such sentiments often stem from the fact that curls are often demonized in the media. This prompts a general distaste towards natural hair, as well as the universal inclination to force perfectly beautiful hair into submission with harsh products, scorching straighteners, and damaging (not to mention expensive) chemical treatments.

Even with all of these forced changes, many women are still unhappy with their hair due to excessive damage and its natural inclination to curl anyway. Happiness with one's true features should be embraced and encouraged, beginning within the media. Although it can be argued that the media promotes general discontent with one's appearance, this is unacceptable. In order for this to change, perhaps we could begin with allowing natural hair to shine through. This would illustrate that accepting oneself for their own unique, natural features, is much easier--and more satisfying--than conforming to society's monochromatic ideal of beauty.
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    :love10: Wow, beautifully put! You should get a rousing round of applause from your class!:thumbleft:
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    Great write up.:glasses2:
    Do you have a reference of sorts to back up your stats?
    For example the section on 65% of women in the world with natural curls and wavies
    I just wondered where you got that stat from .:angel5:

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    I actually got that statistic from this site--and, I've checked a few other sites for clarity, that seems to be about the right number. I showed it to my professor today and he loved it--he said he can't wait to see the presentation!
    Back to CG after a few years away! :)

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    Well done!!


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    Great article and I just sent you a PM, please check it when you get the chance!

    As far as I'm concerned, they are all jealous. And to quote Katt Williams, "the more haters the better, that means your doing something right"
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