Has anyone else's hair changed from 3a to 2?

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I used to have really nice 3a hair. It looked exactly like this picture Alyson Michalka NaturallyCurly Curly Hairstyle Pictures with zero effort. I would just let it air dry. Over the past year, however, my hair has transitioned to a 2. I can't think of anything I'm doing differently. Anyone else have hair that has varied from 3a to 2? Any suggestions at how to keep it at a 3a?


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    There are lots of possible reasons. Are you following CG? Do you use protein regularly (provided you aren't protein-sensitive)? Have you gone through any major hormone shifts (pregnancy, menopause, etc)? Is your thyroid working properly? Has your diet changed significantly? Are you coloring your hair regularly? These are all thing that *could* cause changes in curl pattern.

    Also, have you determined your hair properties (texture, porosity, etc)? This info will help people recommend products.

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