Dry 4a/3c hair is that possib

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Is this possible I have no pics but after I finish washing my hair I noticed the water refuses to soak into my hair like it use to, before my hair would become very flat and curly. Now it's super thick and coarse. I'm use to seeing 3c's with soft thin hair. I am still transitioning with about 7 inches of natural hair already. I would like for my hair to be shoulder length before I stop transitioning and I'm way too lazy to deal with my natural hair right now. I would love to but it seems too stressful. I thought it was going to be soft like it was when I was 12 but something weird happened.Now I have no idea how to control it, even if it is wet. I use curl enhancing smoothy to moisturize but even then it still feels coarse? Is there something I can put in it to make it soft. The girls on youtube made it look super easy.:sad7:


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