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Hi everyone! My name is Samantha, you can call me Sam also. I am new to this site, but so happy to join! I hope I'm starting this thread in the correct place, if not, please let me know. Well, a few weeks ago I had purchased the book Curly Girl Method by Lorraine Massey; thus, I've been going no-poo for these past few weeks and I love it. However, I have been having a lot of others problems. First, it is extremely hard to go without a comb. I can't use my fingers only bc the frizz is insane! I can already see the frizz when my hair is dripping wet! So how can I decrease this? I follow every single step to the curly girl method and even leave my conditioner in my hair for the moisture. Second, is it really bad to use a wide tooth comb in the shower with leave in conditioner in? I just feel that my fingers do not properly comb through my hair. Lastly, part of the curly girl method is using gel once you get out of the shower, well, I have used two different types and Idk if I like either of them. I used loreal no sulfate or alcohol gel and I didn't like it bc you can see the thick film over the gel and it wasn't even clear. Then I decided to get frizz ease gel, which was clear, but I noticed it left a sticky feel on my hands. Is there any tips on using gel the right way? I hate the crystalized form it leaves after it dries. I just want soft, volmptious curls. Im sorry for the long post but I finally have people that can help me. I am so new to being all natural and keeping the straigteners, curling irons, etc away. Also, very important, I am a type 3A hair, better yet, a mixture of botticelli, corckscrew, and corkicelli. (<--- these are from the curly girl method book if you read it) THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!:laughing6:
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    I always try to use conditioners with a lot of slip to them, so I regularly use a wide tooth comb in the shower with no problems at all. As far as gels go, I do use DevaCurl AnGEL from time to time, but my favorite gel is the FSG (flax seed gel) I make myself. If you do a search here on of FSG, you'll find lots of posts discussing recipes, how to strain it, etc. FSG definitely leaves my hair the least product-y feeling of any gel I've tried, that's why I like it. It probably has less hold to it than some other commercial gels, but I prefer the light hold. Plus it's dirty cheap to make!

    Anyway, be patient with the trail and error aspect of going naturally curly. It takes a while to find what products and routines best work for your hair, but that's part of the fun. HTH :)
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    Thank you so much!!! I am definitely going to look more into the flax seed gel bc I've heard nothing but good things about it. It is trial and error and you're right, one must enjoy this entire journey :)
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    If you don't like the "crunchy" feel to your hair after your gel dries, have you tried scrunching out the crunch with your hands? It gets rid of the hard, crunchy feel and leaves the hold and definition intact.
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    Well after the gel leaves the gel cast, I turn my head over and shake and shake my hair with my hands. It still doesn't really help though. These past few days I've been refraining from using gel and just my conditioner and shea moitsture curl smoothie and it's been good. I'm still having problems with my bangs and stuff though. I need something to revitalize the curl. Thanks for your reply though! :)
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    Its okay to use a wide tooth comb to detangle. Just be very gentle and do not pull at your knots, i just gently pull apart knots with my fingers..Also when your hair is soaking wet in the shower its alot more sensitive and raking a comb through your hair in the shower might break off some hair. For others its okay though.

    What works for me is gently combing your hair with your fingers in the shower to untangle (while conditioner is in my hair) and then when im done with my hair i just twist it up and clip it with a big clip. This might cause a few tangles again so after showering i use a little bit more conditioner to detangle with a wide tooth comb. I do this right away or else i have to splash a little more water with condish.

    Then, I do the super soaker method!!! wich clumps my curls back together even after i combed them out. Look it up on the Techniques Link!! great stuff on there.
  • LindseyLoo003LindseyLoo003 Registered Users Posts: 120
    Also with gel you can try rubbing some oilive oil inot your palm and scrunching the crunch out in the same way that you scrunch your gel in. But do not rub! Scrunching again is what will break up the cast, My hair always needs to be scrunched again, after it all completely dries!! touching while its still drying will cause frizz.

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