Interviews: Should I tell them I'm unemployed?

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I have a phone interview this morning and an in-person interview tomorrow (2 different places). I'm sure they will ask me if I am still employed at (insert last job here). Is it going to reflect badly on me if I tell them I was laid off? I had no control over that. Obviously I am not going to lie to them but what is the best way to phrase that I am currently unemployed?
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    Becasue you were laid off, I would just explain the circumstances. Had you quit, or been fired, I would be alittle more cautious about telling them. This was out of your control though, so I don't see how they hold that against you.

    Good Luck :D
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    I have interviewed people who were laid off or whose company folded. I don't consider it a negative issue at all. It happens!
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    I never knew what to say to people. I was on a jobhunt for two years. I was working at the same retail job (bookstore) that I had been at all four years of college and almost two years after, and working parttime with a theatre production company.

    At one interview, the guy gave me the third degree about why I had been out of college for "sooooooooooooooooo long" and still didn't have a "real job" yet.

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    I wanted to kick him!!!! I had gone through so much with interviews, etc. and I didn't understand why he should care that my current job wasn't "good enough" for him, when I was clearly sending out applications and interviewing AND working SEVEN DAYS A WEEK at two jobs while doing so! Made me so mad!

    But, I realized that I nothing to be ashamed of and anyone worth working for that would realize what a great worker I was wouldn't care about something like that. Honesty is always the right way to didn't do anything wrong!!!!
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    It's absoloutely fine to say you were laid off. It's completely different than being fired or quitting, and the interviewer knows that.
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    There's nothing wrong with saying that you were laid off--it's a good explanantion for why you are job searching.

    If the company closed, filed for bankruptcy, eliminated your department, or reduced itself to a core group of people, you may want to add this as well (obviously, without injecting any negatives).
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    unless you went postal with a gun on some colleagues or were caught stealing, there is a way to explain being fired without being scared or looking sheepish. you just have to have a strong command of language and have confidence in changing the tone and direction of the interview.

    here is an example of a reply that makes the applicant sound professional and confident, while showing that she takes responsibility for the part she played in her termination:

    "I was fired after a major reorganization. The merging of different cultures had caused a major change in the way things were done. There were some differences of opinion between my boss and me. In the end, I was let go. I take responsibility for my part in the way things turned out. I learned a lot from the experience, and in retrospect, I would have handled it differently. But that is behind me now, and I am ready to move on with a new perspective."

    whatever you do, don't lie and don't complain about your past job.
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    Being laid off is not a negative. If you are doing any volunteer work, constulting, etc., in addition to job-hunting, definitely mention that.
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