Second guessing my transition

AutumnHAutumnH Registered Users Posts: 4
Hi y'all *waves*! I'm about 7 months post and I can't even explain how bad I want to experience my natural texture which is about 3c/4a. But I can't get with this styling thing! I've worn a sew in for the most part but it became to difficult to blend my natural hair with the weave so I decided to take it out. Now I'm doing braid outs and twist out and I DO NOT look right in those styles. Then when I see the ladies with their cute rollersets and straight hair I start to think am I doing the right thing?! Also I have to deal with my friends and family constantly saying "you need a perm"! Ugh! How frustrating!

I'm sure if I could get the right styles for my hair and get use to the shrinkage I can manage. OAN: how bad is flat ironing once a month? I figured If I did that then I wouldn't have to worry about styling and shrinkage to much... Sorry for such a long rant just need a good support system

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