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Thoughts on Shea Moisture?

Mimee03Mimee03 Posts: 190Registered Users
I have fine, thin hair that gets weighed down easily. I saw Susanna's video about the Shea Moisture line. She said it makes her hair thicker and the pictures of her hair looked great. I was wondering if anyone tried their products and what they thought of them. Thanks ladies!

Hair type: 2a/2b. Fine texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity.


  • anjelica121anjelica121 Posts: 9Registered Users
    Can you show me the video?
  • msmaybellmsmaybell Posts: 24Registered Users
    I use Shea moisture yucca & baoboa line which is their thickening growth line. It has thickened my hair tremendously and it makes my hair super happy!
  • Mimee03Mimee03 Posts: 190Registered Users
    Can you show me the video?

    Yes here is the link. It was recently sent in a Naturally Curly e-mail even though I had seen it before.

    Product Review: Shea Moisture for Fine Hair - YouTube
  • barbeelarrybarbeelarry Posts: 1Registered Users
    After going through the video I also decided to use Shea moisture for my hairs...

    swimming goggles
  • beeduhbeeduh Posts: 684Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I use the SM line quite a bit. I apply a small amount of souffle to my hair when it's dripping wet and then I'll add the smoothie. I'll use a mf towel and blot excess water and air dry.

    My hair is fine and thin (I do have a lot of hair despite this) and it doesn't seem to be weight down by these products. I hit can't use too much.
    CG as of Feb. 2012
    combination hair.
    2c on top - low elasticity
    3a&b scattered underneath - normal elasticity.
    fine texture. thin density. A lot of it.
    porosity: normal to high.
    loves protein and moisture.
    BSACV as needed.

    products may vary. i'm a PJ.
    loving Curl Junkie, Curly Kinks, and AS I Am.
  • craving_curlscraving_curls Posts: 44Registered Users
    I actually used both the curly smoothie and souffle along with the anti-breakage masque (as a deep treatment) yesterday. My hair actually has more volume instead of being weighed down, but it cannot get enough moisture.
    CG since 3/2012, Medium Density, Low Elasticity, Porosity (?)

    Products loving my hair:
    Co-Wash/LI/RO: DC One Condition
    Gel: KCCC, BC Curl Enhancing Cream, DC AnGel

    Moisture loving, oil and protein hating (though it tolerates some in products).
  • La BintessLa Bintess Posts: 3Registered Users
    msmaybell wrote: »
    I use Shea moisture yucca & baoboa line which is their thickening growth line. It has thickened my hair tremendously and it makes my hair super happy!

    Hello do you use all the line of the product to get a good result or just a few
  • KimleeKimlee Posts: 26Registered Users
    Gee's, give me a break. No wonder Suzanne does hair videos. If I had hair as great as her's, (wavy hair is perfect hair,) I'd be doing videos too. Now I'd depressed.

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