Hair not growing...?

I used to keep my hair to about just below chin length because that was when it was at it's optimal curlyness. Last February I had a stylist do the complete opposite of what I wanted (he layered it long in front short in the back) so that the only way it looked decent was if I blew it straight everyday. When I tried curling it, it didn't do anything remotely resembling something of a wave or a curl - just madness. So after about three months it was a little longer and I had it cut in short layers to make it so that I could at least curl it again.

I haven't cut my hair in about 9 months and it is not growing anywhere near the rate it used to. I used to have to cut it every two months because it just grew so fast! Now it's the curliest it has ever been (yay!) but what happened? I know that since it's curlier it might just appear shorter, but even straightened it's not as long as it should be by now. Could a bad haircut do this to me? Could it be heat damage because I diffuse (80%) everyday? The products I'm using (product junkie - most recently have the best results with PM Round Trip and Curlfriends Control Gel)?

Oh I think I'm 2a/b-3a if that might matter.


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    If it's the curliest it's ever been you might have shrinkage going on.
    I sure cant' tell my hair has grown much because the longer it gets the curlier it gets. I don't know how 3b can get long hair. I guess they grow it to their waist for past the shoulders look maybe.

    If it really is not going you can always take suppliments for it.
    Maybe your hair just needs something that it's not getting enough of in your diet?

    As for diffusing, I diffuse daily and I don't see any difference in growth. I've not got any damage either. Other than the difussing my hair is virgin, no color no chemical altering.
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    Since you say that you are having a problem with growth issues here's a product that I was recently introduced to that that has been getting a lot of raves off another hair board. Here's the link for it:

    "Boundless Tresses Growth Serum"
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    "Curls Tester"
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