Natural hair spray

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Hello curlies

I have been hesitating to make this post cuz not lots of ppl know about one of the ingredient :) but I have to share what I have anyway

I made this spray to grow longer hair but I have noticed how beautifully it holds my curls and remove frizz as well as giving a beautiful shine

The ingredients are
2 tea spoon of ziziphus powder , it's known as lote leaf or sidr in Arabic
One tea spoon of honey
And glass of water

First you boil the water and then pour it on the zizyphus powder
Wait til water cools down and cover the glass
The powder will be all at the bottom , so pour the water into the spray bottle and then add the honey
Shake and leave it at the refrigerator use it whenever u want and it works perfectly on wet hair.

Herez a pic of my hair on first day and the second day and third even gets better cuz the crunchiness disappears and the hair is still defined and shinny

Just a note the hair might look dull or undefined when it's wet but as it air drys it will look fantastic :)
Also the spray has the crunchiness of mouse but it disappears as I mentioned as days passes.
Good luck


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    Thank you!! I am going to try this!

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