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guthak01guthak01 Posts: 195Registered Users Curl Novice
I want a curl activator and have read amazing things about the Curl Activator and Curl Trigger from AG. So for those of you who have tried either of these, which one do you like? Also, how do you use it? Thank you in advance!
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  • kathymackkathymack Posts: 9,999Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Never used the Curl Trigger. I bought Re: Coil when I was first on Wasn't anything special, as far as I was concerned. It ended up on the swap board.
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    I never tried Curl Trigger, but I'm a fan of Re:coil. I use it over my LI and under a hard hold gel.
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  • gardencurlsgardencurls Posts: 573Registered Users
    Re:coil is one of the the "crunchiest" things I've ever used on my hair, and it can cause major frizz; and I find Curl Trigger to be really drying. I can use both once in a while but never two stylings in a row. After I use the AG products I need heavy-duty moisture for awhile. Regular "sea salt" is very, very drying and whitening on my hair.

    However, "Dead Sea salt" seems to be a great "reactivator" without the issues. For example, Curl Junkie Curl Fuel contains "Dead Sea Salt", which has around 18% sodium chloride (in contrast to 98% sodium chloride in ocean water salt), so it provides the activating effects of sea water without the residue and dryness. Curl Fuel is also very moisturizing. I carry around a bottle of this with me when it's really dry for quick moisture and curl perk-ups.Another product that's good for "activation" and contains Dead Sea Salt is Spiral Solutions Curl Enhancing Jelly.

    I noticed that aloe, and I think maybe "agave nectar" work as activators for my hair. The products that give me the most defined, strong curls are Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme, and KCCC, and both have aloe and agave. I know aloe is a humectant but it doesn't seem to dry out my hair.

    Also, plain old jojoba oil seems to stimulate my curls.
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  • guthak01guthak01 Posts: 195Registered Users Curl Novice
    I haven't bought a curl junkie product yet, sounds like I may need to do some shopping.
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  • NocurlB4babiesNocurlB4babies Posts: 179Registered Users
    Recoil didn't work for me - it did offer curl definition, but didn't give me more curl. I didn't find to to be drying - almost the opposite. My hair felt overly soft and pretty limp. I did add a harder hold gel to the top - without Recoil I would have to SOTC, but with the Recoil and same gel, I would have absolutely no crunch at all. I would be interested in trying the Curl Trigger, perhaps having a less 'creamy' product would be better for my fine hair.

    I've had really goodluck lately with the Samy Get Curls Curl Activator (yellow bottle). I have had my best hair days lately when using this product on wet hair and then apply my hard hold gels on top. I've combined it with GF Pure Clean, HESMU and also LACurl gel on separate days and had great luck no matter what gel I used. I don't believe it contains any mag sulfate, but it's definitely curl enhancing, does provide a softness (but not to the degree of Recoil) and it didn't feel producty to me, even though I felt like I put in a liberal amt. Just a thought. I got it BOGO at Rite Aid and the per bottle price was under $5.99. I was surprised, but I could just be having a streak of luck since the weather is great here!
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