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Over a year ago I cut my relaxed hair due to breakage and overprocessing my hair was very uneven the sides and back were strong and healthy while the top and crown were fraigle and short, I then grow out my natural hair for a year and a half which most of the time i wore wigs!!! my hair grew rather fast and soon i had a nice size fro!!! I contunied to wear the wigs but i also devloped some really bad habits like not wearing a wig cap!!! Soo my hair again is breaking at the top and crown of my head!!!! I texturized my hair the other day which turned out to b a mess my hair is just extra dry and frizzy so I bought clippers and think im going to cut the texturized hair off tonight, and also to make it even i feel like I have no choice the back and sides are at least three to four inches long while the top and crown is about half an inch!!!! I have no idea what to do or what to use soo that my will not break!!! I kno that my hair type is 4 but not sure if its a or b, I do kno that its dry and hard to manage I also gets knots at the end of my hair!!! I also had a question of how often it should washed because I have been told once a week but after three day my hair gets dry itchy and flakes!!!! Any advice or suggestions anything please HELP!!!!


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    Okay, it looks like you may need to cut the hair so it is even.

    And then...moisture, moisture, moisture. Don't be afraid of conditioner (I use some when washing, and even when I'm not sometimes), and if your hair likes it, oil. (Oh, yeah, just note that oil is not a moisturizer, it just seals in moisture, so you would put the oil on top of a water-based moisturizer, or if you're lazy like me, water.)

    You can wash the hair as often as your hair needs to be washed. Some people do wash their hair twice a week.
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    I agree with frobee.... you need lots of moisture!

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    Thanks soo much I actually did cut my hair it this morning!!! And I use the oil in water sometimes!!! and as far a moisture goes i try but my hair doesnt seem to like anything i use!!! I was using miss jesses but found that my hair hated it, it made my hair oily and itchy!!! I have heard argon oil is good soo im gonna try that!!!