hair got shorter?

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okay so my hair has literally since september gotten 1-3 inches shorter. i havent cut it that much(only 1/2 inch at most trims), so i dont know what it is! the only thing i have done is braid my hair at night. i've gotten kertain but ive gotten that for a couple years now. but my routine is: shampoo not often, deep condition/hydrating conditioner, dry hair with microfiber towel, apply leave in conditioner, and olive oil moisturizer, then i will braid hair into 2 sections. i then sleep with a scarf on my head and take out my braids in morning. i put my hair in ponytails throughout the day sometimes when its bugging me. so thats my routine. but the only reason i braid my hair is because its SOOO thick and puffy. so i guess i try to elongate it best i can. i think it might be thicker and frizzier cause i havent gotten keritain in like 5 months. so what am i doing wrong?! PLEASE HELP):


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    IMO, it sounds like you could be tying your braids too tight, or even your pony tail. Stretching the wair weakens it. When you try to pull it straight, make sure not to do it too tight. Everything you mentions seems good for your hair. Do you run your fingers through it a lot? How do you brush it, and when? Do you change the types/styles of your protective styles?

    I try to do french braids so that it doesnt put too much pressure in any one place. When I do pony tails, I keep it loose... so I dont do ponytails often.

    Hope this helps.
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    Great advice, AsLckyGrl! Welcome, katietess7! We look forward to getting to "know" you!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    ah thanks so much! so i should just do looser braids? and yes i do tend to touch it way too much. i rarely brush it , when do its just to get a more defined part. i use wide tooth combs or my finger to detangle it. and i dont know what you mean by protective stylings lol, thanks again!:love2:

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