Damaged 3a hair

luvblue4uluvblue4u Posts: 1Registered Users
before i had healthy type 3a-3b hair.I made the mistake of staightening it one to many times.:sad7: Now it's more or less damaged. i used to have spirals,now my hair cant tell if it wants to be curly,wavy or straight.Any (cheap) solutions please.i managed to keep my hair soft and less frizzy but the curls are mostly gone.


  • BrookelynnBrookelynn Posts: 20Registered Users
    I'd say wait it out before you cut anything major off. That's what I did. My curls took a little while (maybe 3 days of some serious TLC) but I did a mayo/olive oil treatment and that helped A LOT.
  • LindseyLoo003LindseyLoo003 Posts: 120Registered Users
    HI :) mine toooooo!!! from bleach, hair dye, and the hot iron. Im working on the damage with olive oil and moisturizing treatments. But as far as helping the hair curl and look more uniform is really scrunching in my products. Look in the forum called techniques and or search the super soaker method and watch how she scrucnhes product into her hair.

    This helps me and i hope it helps you too it seems a little too simple but i have parts of my hair that turn weirdly stringy and straight if i smooth gel into my hair in a downward motion.

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