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So I have recently decided to get highlights in my hair. I'm so clueless to the entire process and definitely have no idea what to expect. I have 3b/3c curly hair (I’m Puerto Rican & Black if that helps). I typically put a lot of gel/mousse/hair spray giving it the constant wet’s the only way I know how to control my curls and avoid frizz. If I put NOTHING in it I don't get pretty dry ringlets I get a frizzy mess. With that said, I’ve never put any kind of chemicals in my hair (i.e. perms, color etc.). When straight my hair is a light brown but since it usually looks wet it's more of a darker brown. I'm not sure what color highlights I should get but I want it to look nice/noticeable whether it be curly (dark) or straight (light). Any ideas, comments or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. 😳
Porosity: normal (i think)
Density: high
Width: medium
Length: long

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    I'm strongly considering getting caramel highlights. I have done all kinds of shades of red/blonde/black/brown throughout my life lol. Right now it's mostly my natural dark brown color still some color shining through on the ends from the light. I would say getting bright caramel highlights would look good on your hair and pop even when its curly. Thats what I'm probably going to get anyway :)

    Post pics when you do
    TYPE: 3C
    Current State: Just bc'd but still growing out heat damage in the front that goes to the root
    High Density, Medium Porosity
    Length: Grazing SL curly with tons of layers
    Goal: MBL curly? 2019?
    Doing what I want when I want!

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